x Understanding Weight Management


Design Researcher, CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design


Client: Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk wanted to understand how people managed weight loss in a nation challenged by obesity for their new drug delivery system.

The project  posed a very challenging research strategy as speaking to people about their obese condition is not an easy task. Research in such a sensitive area demanded an direct approach to enquiry, more informed by longitudinal observation and reactions. The project hinged on one of the key topics in healthcare today: patient compliance. While a holistic understanding of what the healthcare system in USA provides for the support and systematic combat of this condition, it was even more important to understand an individual’s ecosytem, how they thought about their condition, coped with social stigma and what measures they took over time to deal with the situation. The study involved spending hours with obese people as they went about their everyday activities like cooking, eating, shopping for groceries, spending time with family, at work and visited their healthcare providers.

The insights from this research had a deep,  micro-level approach to innovation and product application. It has informed Novo Nordisk of the need of service strategies, new therapy delivery systems from packaging and product design to dispensing models to effectively address the weight loss therapy market. It also pointed out the significant need for healthcare professionals to be able to find and use the right strategies to suit a patient’s health, practical and emotional needs.

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x Sketching as protyping- novo vista


Design Researcher, CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

India, USA

Client: Novo Nordisk

Earlier projects with Novo Nordisk had generated  insights into patient needs, opportunities and barriers to care in India, China and USA and we co-created  product ideas based on strategic value drivers for future modes of insulin delivery in such economies.

The project involved months of research into observing how people would understand new paradigms in product forms and new insulin delivery systems. And how at a higher level these new ideas would fit into the existing healthcare infrastructure in each country. Outcomes included design prototypes for four new product and service solutions.

The project also involved a series of training workshops and sessions enabling user research with their internal teams by supporting them with necessary tools and knowledge of ethnographic techniques and eventually synthesizing observations into value drivers. This exposed Novo Nordisk researchers to new people-centred approaches to innovation.

x Understanding Time


Design Researcher, CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Client: Maersk Line

The aim of the project was to travel to various Maersk operation locations and understand what it meant to be on time, to their employees and the society they lived in.

On Time Delivery is a key enabler of Maersk Line’s vision of being the most reliable logistic service provider and an industry leader. The economic downturn only made this task imperative and a key metric success. Understanding how employees across their global operations understood this vision was therefore important. I was part of a team that conducted research across 8 countries to find local inspiration and meet Maersk employees to get their perspectives and attitudes on local challenges. Through the research we  discovered unspoken working patterns and unmet needs, which were shared with Maersk stakeholders.

I conducted field work in India studying local examples that emphasized punctuality in a service delivery. Some of the systems studied for inspiration were the Dabbawala food delivery system, time keeping by priests for Hindu religious activities, a trust based transfer service for diamonds and cash among others.

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