Project Description


Lead Designer & Coordinator, Design Cell Chennai

Client: Ministry of Textiles & National Institute of Design, India.

The Strategic Design Intervention for Cluster Development Project  in Tamil Nadu was lead by the National Institute of Design, India. I was chosen to be their Lead designer for the duration of this project for 3 years

The Project started with intensive field trips to 5 clusters (Cuddalore, Gudiyatham, Thirubhuvanam, Vilanthai, Woraiyur) in Tamil Nadu and studying them over a period of months to understand weaver potentials, skill level, infrastructure availability and possibilities of introducing new concepts and eventually create teams of weavers who would weave a pilot run of our new designs.

Design intervention was planned at various levels from improving yarn qualities to new, sustainable dyeing practices, understanding weaver aspirations to creating a strategy for motivating them towards change. During this period, they were introduced to new softwares to help them design and visualise their products and theywe re advised on how they could avail of such services locally. They were also introduced to low-tech visualising methods and were shown a wide spectrum of examples and best practices in the handloom sector from all over the country for inspiration.

Introduction to natural dyeing was carried out as small workshops in each cluster.

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