Project Description


Design Researcher & Project Manager, Designit, Denmark

Client: Ambu, Denmark

The world’s first self-inflating resuscitator, the “Ambu bag” was developed in 1956 by Ambu for resuscitation use in emergency situations. Since then the Ambu bag has become a vital part of every ambulance in the world. Many manufacturers of the same device have emerged and it is generically called Ambu Bag. In the field of emergency care they offer a broad assortment of products, from resuscitators, suction pumps and CPR barriers to our well-known training mannequins and immobilisation devices.

Ambu wanted to explore the first aid and emergency healthcare possibilities landscape in a developing country like India. Thus was a context research project with a clear focus on producing a feasibility account and assessment for Ambu’s future strategies for the Indian market.