Project Description


Design Researcher, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Denmark

Client: ASUS Computers, Taiwan

The research explored the technological needs and hardware trends in ┬ásmall and micro businesses – a fascinating area for ASUS, which is abundant with opportunities that match the core competencies of ASUS. This study was of strategic importance to Asus as it showed the potential of future product strategies and led to exciting new areas in creating new products as well as new markets altogether.

The outcome of an exciting month long journey visiting and interviewing a wide range of small and micro businesses in Denmark, Sweden, France and Germany. The research presented amazing personalities who run diverse types of businesses, sometimes multiple micro businesses. Such people are versatile, and for them a piece of technologies’ value reliability and loyalty is at par with speed and performance.

The findings were presented as Report and a series of videos for inspiration and vision setting for the company’s product teams.

I conducted research in Denmark, Sweden & Germany