Project Description


Design Researcher, CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design


Client: Novo Nordisk

Earlier projects with Novo Nordisk had generated  insights into patient needs, opportunities and barriers to care in  USA but also a deep, yet fragmented insight into the healthcare mechanisms in the country in the context of diabetes treatment.

The project  dived deep into understanding this specific area by talking to General Practitioners (GPs), studying regional variations in healthcare policies, the effect of insurance policies in the choice of treatments both by the GP and the patient and revisiting our earlier  interviews with numerous healthcare providers in USA. The role of the General Practitioners (GP) is key for people to stay on their treatment, modify their habits and diest and remain motivated to stay consistent. Positive reinforcement was vital. We helped their teams realise that a patient support system that addressed their individual needs was important for effective therapy.

The research culminated in a larger vision setting for Novo Nordisk to understand how they could help build this support system in USA where state support was fragmented and rather regional.