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Frugal Digital

Frugal Digital

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2010 onwards

Project Manager, Frugal Digital, Denmark.

Frugal Digital seeks to explore a deconstructed view on technology at a local level to address large global challenges. It is a research group that focuses on researching methods and practices around creating digital solutions in low resource settings like that of developing economies. The main research enquiry is how do we apply frugality to digital life and create solutions that are inexpensive, adaptable, re-purposes or uses available resources and creates valuable knowledge along with new solutions?

I have helped in creating the projects, planning & conducting field research and eventually dissemination of various projects and results. The project continues to invest time and resources on new projects and it is an ongoing activity.

Read more about Frugal Digital here.

Read my travelogue here

* The Frugal Digital Project started as a Research Project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, led by Vinay Venkatraman.

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Understanding Business Ecosystems

Understanding Business Ecosystems


Editorial Planning, Book Design

Client: FORA, Ministry of Business & Growth, (ERST) Denmark.

Years of research on the formation, rise and sustenance of  business ecosystems led by Jørgen Rosted  had resulted in vast number of Reports and data. The need for a collated reading of this data was needed to fully understand how strong are Danish business ecosystems compared to the best? Why do strong business ecosystems only emerge in some places? And can business ecosystems be shaped intentionally?

The brief included a detailed editorial planning of the information they had and eventual production of the books with detailed drawings, illustrations, visualisations and a presentation of key take aways in an effective style.

Read the Reports on Foragroup’s website.

*The project was financed by the Danish Business Authority, the Danish Growth Fund and Symbion.




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Reboot 11

Reboot 11



Editorial Planning, Direction

Client: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Reboot

In the summer of 2008, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal hosted the 11th and final edition of the Reboot Conference which for years had been the Mecca for people in the IT futures world. Robbot had always brought together trend setters, underground electronics champions and gizmo gurus and for te final event Thomas hoped that it could be documented and commemorated with a Reboot Book.

Collecting talks, transcripts, vox pops and opinions during the three days of Reboot was a daunting task ofcourse, but planning the event with an army of volunteers was even more, as time was short and no detail could be missed. But with a fantastic team, no task is tough!

See the fabulous Reboot book here.